Our involvement in residential projects requires a special approach in which trust and discretion are essential. Being aware that we put the finishing touches to interior decoration programs, we make sure that the comfort and aesthetics desired by our clients are respected.

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  • GCG Architectes
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Due to the nature of our customers' business, their expectations are primarily focused on the quality of the textiles in terms of durability, functionality and safety, both for their staff and for their customers. As for the aesthetics, it must be in accordance with the visual identity of the brand.

  • Calzedonia France Group
  • Celio Group


Depending on the layout of the work spaces, the requirements for the textile covering meet many needs. It must balance issues related to comfort, safety, aesthetics, and respect for employee privacy, whether visual and/or acoustic.

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Hotel & Restaurant

Without overlooking safety and maintenance being two essential elements in this sector of activity, textiles also contribute to the personalization of a hotel or restaurant by creating a unique atmosphere. The search for comfort and hospitality is put to the service of a clientele of private individuals and professionals.

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